28 April 2010


So I've signed up for So Zo's "Me-Made-May" challenge since school ends at the beginning of May. It should also force me to sewdresses for my graduation, senior banquet and the two weddings I will be attending in May/June.
As you may remember, these were my original sewing goals:
So, what, after a few months, do I still plan on sewing?
3b. The bathing suit...it is due as a final exam credit on the 8th!
5a. I've got this suspender skirt already cut out.
3a/4a. I have yet to make a shirt, but I need ones that fit me badly (I'm busty but short waisted).
2a/2b. I am determined to make both of these. Perhaps the top one could be an appropriate for graduation? I am still waiting to find the perfect nautical fabrics for the lower one.

So what have I decided to change?
Well, What Would Nancy Drew Wear?
(or George or Bess)
I've decided this will be my new way of thinking about my sewing goals. Nancy would de-stash, rather than buy more fabric. She would also wear pretty, but sensible clothing, and she would never make something she wouldn't wear. She would choose colors that looked good on her. She would make muslins.
These are all things I tend NOT to do.
I'll be coming up with a more clear plan as to which fabrics I'm going to use with which patterns, etc. but these are some of my patterns that get me in a Nancy Drew/George/Bess mood.
And of course...


  1. What terrific patterns! My favourite is the McCall, the top of that dress is gorgeous and I can totally picture a shirt/blouse out of it! Good luck with all these projects and I hope we can see the results soon :)

  2. I love the WWNDW!!! Can't wait to see the swimsuit!

  3. They all look great! And I love what you said about what Nancy Drew would do! I never, ever make muslins either and I can't stop buying fabric... terrible :)


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