25 April 2010

The Final Hats

So I got too eager and decided to put my last two projects in the same post. The first is my last hat from my assistant design projects for the play Unbound. It is a bonnet made from a typical straw hat. Sadly, I didn't get to make my own ruffle or bows, I had to use them from another hat, but I plan to make my own bonnet this summer to match my Jane Austen dress.
The second is my precious pillbox hat, from my advanced costume class.
While it may look simple, this was probably the most labor-intensive sewing I've ever done! It is about 95% hand sewn and probably took about 15 hours to make. I wouldn't, however, let that deter me from making another one.
If you're feeling generous and have a Burdastyle account, feel free to rate it here!
I wore it to my French awards ceremony (I got an award for Excellence in French Studies) and got many a compliment. Of course, some of my friends also thought it necessary to give me a bit of a ribbing with such comments as:
"So, are you flying home?"
"You look like you're going to start singing 'Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy'!"


  1. Love the hat. Sometimes friends just don't get it! It is awesome.

  2. Stunning hat! You're one very talented lady.

  3. Forget them. Join me in the BRING BACK HATS cause. I'm on a mission to bring back hats.

  4. Very cute! I only kept wondering: How does the cute pillbox hat stay put?

  5. It stays on with bobby pins. There are two thread-chain loops on the inside of the hat that they are hooked through.


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