29 April 2010

Fabric Fun Day

Of course, after my pledge to WWNDW I went and bought a pattern. But I could have bought three instead of just one, so it is not so terrible. It is a forties teen dress, to be made for day or night!
I also found a delicious bunch of novelty cottons online at Hancock Fabrics and EQuilter. Instead of buying any, I'll just share them with you.
How adorable is this!? As an adult member of GSA, I'm gaga over Girl Scout aesthetic. How lucky I am then, to be hired to make a historical costume of Juliette Lowe's 1910's uniform?
I love chicken anything, sort of as a reminder of when my family used to keep them. I don't miss the smell at all, however.
I may need to buy this one...I don't own enough red clothing, but hate solid reds usually.
Make your own flamingo dress, and we'll be jumelles (twins)!
Reading rainbow, anyone?
"A Breath of Avignon" is the name of this one.
I'm thinking a bicycle playsuit to wear whilst bicycling.
This is part of a Japanese collection that Equilter has imported. Too bad it is still way expensive.
Now, normally, this is way more than enough fabric, but I a great website called Hawthorne Threads and found some more novelty prints.
Honestly, there were probably hundreds more, but I limited myself :D


  1. Oh wow, these are incredible! I like the bicycles, purple leaves and coloured pencils the best (although the latter one makes my eyes hurt). I wish more fabrics (not just quilting weight, affordable ones, and generally just MORE) were this interesting...

  2. WANT the one with the 50s couple walking dog. Must have, must have- will be buying promptly! Thanks for the tips!


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