26 March 2010

Pattern Sale!

Because I've had such luck in buying the following patterns (for a grand total of $15), most of which are half-size for petites (yay!) I'm knocking a buck off the price of all patterns in my Etsy store. The prices have already been adjusted. Since I've been reading lots of Nancy Drews from the sixties in my time of illness (my last wisdow tooth is finally gone!) you'll notice a trend in my purchases, methinks.
I'm so excited for this one. It shouldn't be hard to shorten the torso and the tennis length skirt should end up at the perfect length for me! Plus, Bess was playing tennis in the first book I read this week.
When I first started buying vintage patterns, all I bought were shirt-dresses. Maybe I'll actually make one now.
This one might end up in my store unless I really love the coat part of the pattern.
This one could be suitable for Nancy, George or Bess.
I hope this one has all the pieces, although it is a bit fussy for my taste.
I don't know if I really love either of these, but maybe I'll surprise myself.

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  1. Oohhh...love the last two mail order patterns (and the tennis suit!!) I also love Nancy Drew...I should go back and read one..they were so much fun! Glad to hear you are feeling better--getting wisdom teeth out sucks!


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