30 March 2010

Flamingo Dresses and Sailor Skirts

I'm stranded home due to flooding so I have time to share my dress I just finished. I needed to sew something easy and that I know would come out wearable (I've had many sewing failures lately and become a bit needle-shy).

I want your opinion...should I add the button-on belt (View 1)? In what color? Hot pink? White? My next version will be in khaki linen with a belt in tromp l'oeil rattan print.
The best part is that this pattern is a petite size, so no adjustments were needed! It is my absolute new favorite pattern.  I see many Nancy Drew/sixties dresses in my future.
Pattern: Simplicity 8788, 1970
Fabric: Cotton flannel from Fabricville in Quebec
Notes: The head hole was big enough so that I didn't need a zipper (hooray!), but the neck facing was too short (boo!) I am SO proud of myself that only one set of "flamingo stripes" didn't match up and it is under my armpit anyways.
What I Learned: Flannel, in theory is great for a little spring dress because it is warmish but by the time it gets warm enough so that your legs don't freeze it is too hot for the dress. I really need a pair of white flats. Double-fold hemming with flannel is a bad idea. Major bulkiness issues.
Apparently, I also never posted about this skirt I made for my costume class. I made View B. Sadly, this pattern is now out of print and I have lost my copy!  I really wanted to make the cropped pants version since I've already worn the skirt a bunch.
Pattern: Simplicity 2656, 2009
Fabric: Cotton-poly bedsheet, buttons are Belle Buttons by Dritz
Notes: Fits perfect, but drafted to sit 1-2" below the natural waist - it doesn't sit on the natural waist like a vintage pattern would. The yoke was tough to fit the skirt front into and when I clipped the corners (a step they failed to include in the instructions) I went a little too far. No worries, I fixed it with a little interfacing.
What I Learned: Mark in your instructions where you will put in piping. I had already done the buttonholes (there are pockets underneath!) and so by the time I remembered it was a huge pain to work around them.


  1. I LOVE your skirt, it's too cute! And very unique, I like that it has a twist and doesn't look like a classic sailor skirt :) The flamingo dress is wonderful! I think the button-on belt would work nicely, maybe the same fabric lined with pink, green or white piping to give it definition?

  2. Wow! I love both of these!!! Great job on the flamingo dress...you matched up the fabric perfectly (I actually had to look really closely to see the princess seam!). I agree with Cecili that a pink button-belt with maybe white piping would look great...

    I also really love the skirt! Too bad you lost the pattern because the pants would be great too....but I love the color combos (I see a spring theme!) It's such a great fit too! Fantastic job on two great pieces!!!

  3. Hi Dear!
    I just wanted to tell you what "désuet" means: it's something -or someone, mind you^^- that is old fashioned but in a cute way. And thanks for commenting on my yellow dress!

  4. Just wanted to say how nice it is to see someone doing vintage that's from the late 60's / early 70's (my favourite era). If you're interested, Issue 28 of Illustration Magazine has a great article about Rudi Nappi, the illustrator who re-vamped all the Nancy Drew covers in the 60's. Great stuff!


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