27 February 2010


Happy patternday my delightful readers! Today I've decided not only to include Ebay patterns, but also some of my vintage-inspired favorites from modern pattern companies.

-40s Hollywood Sundress with Scalloping ($0.99)
-50s Marian Martin Halter Sundress ($0.99)
-50s Anne Adams Playsuit ($0.99)
-50s Advance Swing Jacket ($0.99)
-50s Pedal Pushers/Shorts ($1.49)
-40s Plus Size House Dress ($6.99)
-50s Butterick Skirt ($0.99)

These are my top picks from Vogue:

1 comment:

  1. My wallet doesn't thank you but I sure do! I bought the "40s Plus Size House Dress" and another one from the same seller :D Love these round-ups of yours!


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