14 January 2010

Ye Olde Bathing Suite

Already the search is on to find or make the best bathing suit, as you will know if you read a certain post on Sew Retro this morning. Here are some links to get you started on your research:
3. Glamoursplash, a blog about vintage swimwear

Vintage Swim Cap $12
I'm fortunate enough to owna Jantzen similar to the charming suit worn here (although I wish the top was like this one, mine has thick straps and is a wrap style):

If I were buying one this year, these would be my personal picks:
 1. and 2. $110 each Drama Queen Swim Line


  1. Love those old-school styles! They look so classic! Did you know that OndadeMar makes a vintage swimwear line?! It's gorgeous!

  2. Oh so pretty... but oh so pricey! I totally have the urge to make my own swimwear this year also, for my very infrequent appearances at beach or pool. Will be following your quest eagerly!

  3. Love vintage bathing suits! I'm thinking of making my own one day...Thanks for the cool links!


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