22 January 2010

Q & A

Here are the answers to your questions for me!
Q: "I would love to hear more about your Costume Design course--what classes do you take? What are your favorite time periods?"

A: Unfortunately, it is more of a concentration...my degree will be in Theatre, so I have to learn a lot outside of my classes, because there simply aren't very many. My classes are as follows: Basic Costume Design (drawing renderings for plays), 2 Costume History classes that cover up to 1920, a sample Mhttp://www.blogger.com/post-edit.g?blogID=1105425262806282843&postID=1596973125030691211akeup course, and Advanced Costume Design which I have this semester. We will learn drafting, draping, advanced sewing skills, and maybe even a bit of millinery! I also get course credit for working in the Costume Shop and for designing a student-directed show (click here to see).
My favortie time period...unfortunately, in my line of work, you have to learn to find something good in every period or you'll go cuckoo! But I do have favorites, nonetheless. Obviously I love the first half of the 1900s, but they're still considered relatively modern. I adore Edwardian and Regency. My two least favorites are probably Civil War (I find this period horribly unflattering and hoop skirts are a nightmare) and Rococo (many interesting movies are set during this era, but panniers are yack).

Q: "What was the first vintage pattern that you ever sewed?"

A: Simplicity 5630, 1964. Sewed while watching the new Nancy Drew movie. It actually came out surprisingly well, for having no idea what I was doing and for using an icky liner fabric. I made a short sleeved version because I didn't want a jumper or long sleeves. My dad payed me the compliment of saying that I looked like my grandmother.
This is how it came out:
Q: "As for a question, what kinds of crochet projects have you done?"

A: Well, I've done about a bajillion granny squares it feels like, and yet only have enough for about a 1/4 of an afghan! These are my other projects:
They are all free ravelry.com patterns (one of my most favorite sites EVER). The two hats are the same pattern, and I made a third for my youngest sister but haven't got a photo of it yet. The last photo is the socks I was working on.

Q: "What was your first thought when you realized what was happening?" (when I sewed through my finger)

 A: It wasn't bleeding so I think that is why my first thought was OMG I am stuck to my machine! Once I was out of the machine and I had noticed that it didn't really hurt, my next thought was that I should take Emma in case I got stuck in the waiting room. It only bothered me because anything remotely gory gives me the heebeejeebies.

Q: "... apart from your bra-less pyjama-ed state, what is the most embarrassing thing you've ever worn in public?"

A: Probably the outfit in the post below. Although at the time, I thought it was totally cool. That and everything my mom dressed me in from 5th grade through 9th. I think I need to do a post on my childhood fashions, they're quite amusing.

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