23 January 2010

Patternday: A Veritable Jubilee of Patterns

There are a couple of things to cover today. Firstly, I go back to school on Monday so there will be much less posting and much less sewing. Secondly, I have remembered that I have to make a dress for Senior Banquet so I will probably be switching out a pattern from the chosen 10. Thirdly, I got two amazing patterns from the 1970s this morning. I know many of you, simply because you were around then, pooh-pooh that era. There are definitely things I don't like from that era, but here are two I couldn't pass up:

The first not only LOOKS like a Gunne Sax, it IS a Gunne Sax. I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw that it was only $5 I've been in love with G.S. ever since I used one for a costume in a play. Unfortunately they
usually only come in windfallen-apple-eating hippie sizes and even then they're about $50-$100.
The second is a bit deceptive. Not only is it a tennis dress, but I noticed when I read the back of the pattern that it does double duty as a swimsuit! So I apologize to those of you who were looking forward to that swimsuit I was going to sew because #4 is probably going to replace. I'll do it up properly though, in gingham or something and with ribbons. The best part was it came to a grand total of $2.49!

OK, I won't burden you anymore with the awful seventies-ness. On to the patterns! You are forewarned that it has been a really fortuitous day of pattern finding.
These next two are for you English ladies...based out of the UK, this seller has many 1930s patterns. If you buy one, I expect a copy as a finders fee! *wink*

This next seller was a treasure trove of goodies. I actually had to NOT list some of the patterns I found.

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  1. Oh how I love vintage patterns - I'm taking all of mine with me when we move (and that is rather a few!). Can't wait to see these shoes :)


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