30 January 2010

Patternday Pt. II

Since the Gods of Ebay and Etsy have smiled upon me today: I got a second chance at a Kodak Brownie Bullet Bakelite Camera that originally sold for $30 and I snapped up for $11. Then, I found this pattern for only $2 because the shirt pattern wasn't included and I've very much had 40s sundresses on the brain, even though the weather here has been about 0-10 degrees farenheit! So as my gift to you, I'm also going to post all the REALLY dirt cheap/super cute pattern listings that I usually save for myself.

-40s Sundress with diagonal scallop design ($4.99)
-40s Sunback Dress ($3.99)
-40s Peplum Dress ($3.99)
-40s Teen Evening Gown ($5.95)
-40s Teen Evening Gown ($7.25)
-40s Nightgown ($4.99)
-50s Teen Full-skirted Dress ($1.95)
-50s Scalloped Blouse ($5)
-30s Dress ($3.99)

I only request that if you buy this one, you let me copy it!

1 comment:

  1. Oooh, very nice! That second-to-last suit is killer.


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