20 January 2010

Kreativ Blogger Award

Having spent the morning tossing my cookies from the medicine for my finger, the gift of a Kreativ Blogger Award by the lovely and talented Leizel of Crafty as Hell was a nice surprise! Of course, that's not all there is to it (one can never get off easy, eh?), so here is what I must do:

1. Copy/paste the Kreativ Blogger Award picture onto your blog (see below right)
2. Thank the person who awarded it to you and post a link to her/his blog
3. Write 7 things about yourself we might not know
4. Choose 7 other bloggers to award
5. Link to them
6. Notify your 7 bloggers of their award

7 Things About Me You Might Not Know (I'll still do a separate Q&A)
1. I lived in Quebec for the four coldest months of my life, ever!
2. I used to dress like this:

3. I am a firm believer in teaching yourself to do things, because you can't just wait around for someone else!
4. I'm 21, almost done with college and I still want to be a dancer when I grow up!
5. Peter Mayle is my favorite author.
6. The most amazing thing I have done in my life is go snorkeling in Central America.
7. I love this boy:

7 Bloggers I Am Awarding (this was hard, my blogroll is so long!)

 1. Whipstitch Sewing - Not only does she make the cutest vintage-inspired outfits, she has a great tutorial on covering your shoes in fabric to match your dress!
2. Pleasant View Schoolhouse - Anna is an amazing seamstress and an allover inspiring person.
3. Welcome to Deluxeville - Ms. Deluxeville has great style, and I had to give her one for her recent posts of her grandparents love letters.
4. Clothed Minds - One of the funniest pattern related blogs ever, I crack up every time I read it.
5. My Happy Sewing Place - I wish I had the drive to sew as much as Debi does, and I can only wish that mine would come out as nice.
6. The Sew Weekly - Not only does this lady sew a whole garment a week, they always look amazing! Kudos!
7. A Rambling Fancy - Not as much a sewing blog as the others, but there's always something interesting going on here.


  1. Thanks for the blogger award :-) Where in Central America did you go snorkling? I love snorkling...only been once but I definitely want to go again!!

  2. Aww thanks! I am very very honoured!

  3. Oh my goodness, thank you! And you made me realize that I haven't sewn a stitch in months (poor neglected sewing machine, hiding under a pile of stuff)---I shall have to remedy this soon. And by soon, I mean in March. :D


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