19 January 2010

In Which Alyssa Sews Through Her Finger and You Can Ask All You Want

It really was inevitable. I've always been a little careless with my foot being on the pedal while adjusting, but it was still quite surprising. Mostly, I'm just glad I didn't get a shard in my eye, although I almost had that happen before as well (curse you, Queen Elizabeth dress!)
I was sewing along one of the last seams on a floor cushion when my machine made a horrible noise and I realized I was attached to my machine. Being so shocked I couldn't yet feel upset I managed to somewhat calmly yell for my Dad, who thought to first unplug the machine so I couldn't sew it through again, while I started furiously unscrewing the needle holder. The needle still wouldn't come out! It was then that I realized the needle was still in the fabric so I had to hand crank the needle, and my finger, back up.
It went perfectly through the center tip of my left pointer finger, and later, I discovered, through the bone. This explains why when I tried to pull it out myself it felt rather stuck (yes, I made a mental decision to ignore all my Red Cross training, I know, dumb dumb dumb). This was when I started crying. Long story short, my Dad drove me to the emergency room, they jabbed my finger with another needle, this time full of novocaine so that it swelled like a balloon and then they pulled it out. I was a bigger sissy about the novocaine needle actually, as I hate hate hate needles and shots (go figure, however, that I've got 7 ear piercings). I've got it in a jar, but I wish I'd managed to get a picture of it. Then I had to go sit in the Wal-Mart pharmacy for 45 minutes in my pajamas from last night, with no bra and not having taken a shower because I've been down with a possible case of strep!
The worst part is that I now have to delay work on my socks I'm crocheting, which I'm SO close to finishing, and the Granny-A-Day as well.
So since I really won't have anything to post about for a week or so, I'm going to do a little Q&A. I love getting to know the people whose blogs I read so when you leave a comment, feel free to ask me anything you want and in the next few days I'll do an Answer post. The other thing I'd like from my dear readers is to know how you've been injured while sewing (this article featuers some common ones, quite a few of which I've done).
Bisoux bisoux!


  1. OMG! That sounds horrible! I'm glad your finger is ok. that's awful that it got stuck twice with a needle!!

    Luckily, I have managed to escape sewing injuries so far... (knock on wood).

    Here's a question from me: I would love to hear more about your Costume Design course--what classes do you take? What are your favorite time periods?

  2. Eek! Oooh! Arrrrgh! Yuk! Sounds horrible but well done for not passing out!

    As a novice I have had only minor jabs so far but I can see myself sewing through my hand at some point.

    I'd like to know: What was the first vintage pattern that you ever sewed?

  3. Hello, I love your blog and wanted to pass on an invite for a Kreative Blogger award:
    I hope you have fun with it if you decide to participate :)

    Most of my sewing injuries involve seam rippers and scissors....

    As for a question, what kinds of crochet projects have you done?

  4. Eeeeeeek!!!! Ouch, ouch ouch! It sounds like you handled it better than I would have; I think that would have resulted in a total freak out from me! I have yet to sew through my finger, but I know I'll do it someday.

    I hope you get well soon!

  5. Yikes! Poor you! My sister did this very thing not once, but twice. I haven't run over my finger with the sewing machine yet, but I have sliced a finger to the bone with a rotary cutter. What was my first thought? "OMG, don't bleed on the fabric!"

    What was your first thought when you realized what was happening?

  6. Oh no, you poor thing! That's terrible. I actually can't believe I've never done that before, it's exactly the type of thing I'd do.

    Ummm question... apart from your bra-less pyjama-ed state, what is the most embarrassing thing you've ever worn in public?


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