12 January 2010

Excuses and Inspiration

I apologize for the DuBarry drawers pattern not being done. It took longer and needs some unexpected alterations that I will explain when I post about it. They should be finished in a couple of hours given that I can find some really tiny elastic. In place of the afore-mentioned subject I present a collage of photos that have very much been in my mind for spring sewing.

1. Ravelry 2. Etsy 3. the snail and the cyclops 4. ? 5. Casey's Elegant Musings 6. ? 7. A fashion show 8. ? 9. ? 10. Timeless Vixen Vintage
If anyone can remember what blog photo no. 4 comes from (the two girls in blue), I will love you forever!
I always love blue but lately I'm having a bit of a love affair with yellow (or is it a threesome because I want to include blue too?) This could be due to the fact that the professor I loathe at school hates yellow, or that I got yellow suede boots for Christmas. Either way, it will surely be popping up in my sewing!

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  1. Hello -

    The photo you asked about is from this blog:


    It was such a nice blog, I was sorry to see it end.



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