12 January 2010

DuBarry 2587B

Two days later than promised, but well worth the wait, I think, I finally present to you my first project from my list of 10. There were ups and downs, but if I can get more of the fabric (especially as it came out to $2/yd. as opposed to $6) I think I shall be inclined to make the bra as well so that I have a matching set.
Fabric: 100% Cotton Shirting, Herringbone weave (Joann's)
Total Cost: $2
What I Learned:
1. Shirting makes for great undergarment material when it has the right weight. It is super soft and light. The downfall is the herringbone weave makes it a bit stretchy, hence the flare-age on the hems.
2. Do not second guess yourself on sizing. The pattern was one size too small, so I graded up. Still nervous, I used 1/2" seams instead of 3/4". They were ginormous! Not only did I have to elasticize the waist, I made a giant pintuck (see photo no. 3) to take in the leftovers.
3. Buy the correct size buttons. Especially do not buy too big, roundy-topped, coat-styled buttons designed to look like mini buffalo nickels. Even if they are only 2/8" bigger, they will not work because the placket will be too tiny.
4. Do not second guess yourself on sizing (deja-vu?) buttonholes. Too big is better than not big enough, although no matter what size buttonhole you make there will be a button to fit it. They just won't be amazing buffalo-nickel buttons. Le sigh.
5. Don't try to "lengthen" a buttonhole. It will look awful. Sew them with the right side facing up because you can better judge placement and the stitching looks better.

I'm quite excited because I didn't even buy any of the trim! I found it downstairs in my mom's sewing box, which usually contains nothing of worth because she doesn't sew. However, with a little creativity and inspiration from my previous post on my love of yellow (it is almost just as amazing when used with grey) I now have flashy drawers instead of boring ones. That my friends, is being thrifty, and therefore an accomplishment towards my resolution to use other people's junk what I have and spend less.


  1. If you're wanting to wear underwear (Sorry, came from your SewRetro post...lol, just noticed you don't mention this bit here) underneath for modesty's sake...who are you expecting to look up your skirt?! As long as your skirt is knee length, you'll be fine! The point of the legs is if the wind comes up...your drawers don't. If you DO want to wear stockings, you wear garters :)

  2. Great job! Those buttons look gorgeous! Yeah, you should measure the pattern before you cut it out and use whichever size corresponds to your measurements. Don't go off what the packet says. Always disaster if you do that!

  3. Ahh I love these! They look very comfortable and the buttons on the side are such a sweet touch.

  4. Fantastic job! I love them and the trim is a nice touch!

  5. I've always thought that underwear is where you can really experiment and let your imagination soar! These shorts are the perfect exemple, I love what you did with them. And of course you can (and should) wear them as "real" shorts^^


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