15 January 2010


What's a sick girl to do with a night to herself? Click on for some sweet surprises.

A. Drink tea.
B. Read Emma.
C. Begin plans of finally making this pattern in a really lovely fabric.
D. Dream of going on the Sense and Sensibility Patterns tour through England.
E. All of the above.

Or, if you are delusional with fever, you might sign up for the Granny-a-Day Crochet-along!
(My throw-all-cares-to-the-wind-and-later-regret-it answer to finishing a granny afghan. What am I, cuckoo?)


  1. So much about this that I love.

    1. That is one of my favorite prints on Etsy. I need it.
    2. Emma! The three pages (or so) of Miss. Bates rambling on during the ball is one of the most hilarious passages Austen ever wrote. I love it to bits.
    3. I've made that pattern a few times and it is so easy and so pretty. That fabric is perfect!
    4. I want to go on a S&S tour too! Maybe one day...in five years. *sigh*
    5. Pip is very tempting with her challenge. I almost want to take up crocheting. But I believe you can do it! Or perhaps make it a Granny-every-other day. :D

  2. I love "regular" Jane Austen but I must confess that I've JUST finished reading "Sense and sensibility and sea monsters", which is the remake of the original Austen novel by Ben H. Winters. It was hysterical, and the dashwood sisters in the illustrations look exactly like the women on your C. pattern!

  3. You've just made my day, month, year...GREAT links. I didn't know about the repro fabric site or the S&S tour...oh, I want to go. I'll definitely be at the Jane Austen festival ! There is going to be a regency costumed ball at the festival on Sunday: www.janeausten.co.uk/festival/festival.ihtml?id=8

    Your dress would be perfect for the ball!!


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