17 April 2014

Chicago Here I Come! And Pattern Sale 30% Off Through Tuesday!

Many of you already know, but for the month of May, I will be taking up residence with the wonderful Meg the Grand while I work in Chicago! So if you live in the area and want to get together, shoot me an email to taponmyback (at) cox (dot) net! Also, suggestions of things to go do and see are very welcome since I know diddly about Chicago.

In celebration, I am offering a 30% discount in my pattern shop through Tuesday the 22nd of April if you use coupon code CHICAGO. There are lots of goodies to be had. Take advantage now since the shop will close until mid-June.

14 April 2014

Sew Sexy Sew Along Pattern Giveaway!

Yes, officially the SSSA is over. Yes, my project is not done (there's a reason I picked really great co-hosts, who I knew would have something to show by the end date!) but it is so close! So, so, so close to being done! At least I hope it is, since what I have got done is looking really great. I blame my nearest JoAnn's not being open on Sundays for my unfinished state, but luckily I got there today and picked up a plethora of topstitching supplies, from topstitching thread to several kinds of needles.

In the meantime, I have a fabulous pattern to give away in celebration of the Sew-Along: Lolita Patterns#4013, "Gunmetal".
 You can find all the pattern information at their website. It is sized 2-24 and has the cutest packaging! Lots of people have made it up, so if you're not convinced just google it.
The rules?
1. The giveaway is not limited to sew-along participants...
2. It is, however limited to those of us who live in the United States. I'm not exactly rolling in dough, sorry! When I win the lottery someday I'll make up for it.
1. The giveaway ends Tuesday, April 22nd. I will ship ASAP.
3.  To enter, leave a link to your blog or some other way of getting in touch with you, as well as a comment about your sexiest sewing project. If you don't have one, tell me what it would be!

11 April 2014

SSSA: Bustier Muslin

There was hope that I would get my bustier done for last night's Crafty Industry Happy Hour, but alas, my machine got fed up and boycotted topstitching when it was about 75% complete. That's also as far as I progressed in the muslin - up to the point where the insertion of the underlap, facing and hook and eye tape makes everything really confusing. I'm a visual learner, so when there's no diagram, I'm really lost.
 The two-piece cup on the left is from a bra pattern developed for me over the weekend at a bra-making class with the lovely Sharon Butler. I'll have a whole post up on that soon. The one on the right, which is three pieces, is what came with the pattern. I was curious about what would happen if I substituted and this is what I got. 
Granted, the bra pattern is designed for different fabrics than muslin, but they are similar to what my final bustier is made out of in terms of stretch. I would have had to alter the other pieces in the Burda pattern quite a bit to make it work, so when, to my surprise, the regular cup fit I decided to stick with that.
 This is the only way I could sort of capture what was going on with the bra cup since it wasn't obvious head-on...it was making a sort of duck bill of extra fabric right at the seam. Or as I have fondly named it, muppet-mouth. The only fitting I had to do was take in the center back, since I'm between sizes with Burda. Alterations to this are easy since all the seams continue up throught the back band and cup. I think I could lose some waist length, but with the stretch fabric it will be okay and I'll incorporate it into the next make of this pattern.

08 April 2014

HSFN/Sew For Victory: 1942 Cycling Blouse

As usual, I have a project doing double-duty for challenges. They never let me do that in girl scouts to get extra badges, so I guess I'm doing it now just because I can get away with it!
And I got a new haircut. Well, actually, I just chopped my own ponytail off after watching Great Gatsby. Does anyone else get overly inspired by period films? Don't judge yet, this was a bad hair day and I wasn't expecting to have time for photos.

 Source: Vintage Pattern Wiki
Pattern: Hollywood 903 (1942)
Challenge: HSFN 2014 "Bodice Challenge" and Sew For Victory!
Rating: 2/5
Fabric, etc.: 1 yard cotton shirting leftover in stash
Cost: $0
Time: About 5 hours
Notes: This was really done as a wearable muslin since the pattern is a size too big, but if I don't love it I won't mind it getting sweaty while I bicycle, right? My plan is to do the culottes for the "Outdoors" HSFN challenge late in summer.

The instructions for the front placket are skimpy and unclear so I ended up with a lot of raw edges showing inside, which I'm guessing means I did it wrong. It was very fiddly to even get in and I had to re-do it a few times.
I serged this inside, so no points there for historical accuracy. I eliminated all darts from the pattern, meant to keep it more easily tucked in. More importantly, I just didn't feel like dealing with closures. The sleeves were more difficult than usual to ease in.
My final consensus is that I won't be making a better one. It would require quite a bit of fitting, especially in the sleeve and armscye area, which isn't worth a style that I'm not so fond of. It is too much like a polo in its closed-neck state for my taste and the four layers of fabric in the placket right on top of your chest is very warm. I might cuff the sleeves. Really, I just want to get on making Simplicity 1554, which is much more my style. Sadly I'm missing pieces D, F, G and E so if anyone has it in size 16 and wants to trace me off some pieces, I'd be so grateful!

03 April 2014

Come Hang Out! April Craft Industry Happy Hour

Those of you on the Workroom Social email list will have just gotten this email from Jennifer inviting you to the April Craft Industry Happy Hour, which I am guest hosting! I hope if you're in the area that you will come, especially if you've got some sew sexy makes to show off. I'll be sewing mine last minute, so I know I'll be needing that gin and champagne again!



Join this month's happy hour guest-host Lisette, blogger at What Would Nancy Drew Wear?, for cocktails and craft talk! Lisette is currently running the Sew Sexy Sew Along over on her blog and encourages you to wear your handmade sexy garment to the event.

In celebration of the Sew Sexy Sew Along, April's happy hour will include a drawing for the Lolita Patterns Gunmetal top/dress (sizes 2-24).

Thursday, April 10th
5:30-7:30 p.m.

Bubble Lounge
228 West Broadway (between N. Moore and Franklin)

*CASH BAR. Please bring cash to the event.

RSVP to attend
Even more exciting, I am offering up a pattern from Lolita Patterns, the Gunmetal Dress/Top, in a drawing at the Happy Hour. The packaging is super fun and it comes in a huge range of sizes.

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