20 May 2016

MMMay 2016 Week 2

 Here's the week two round up!

Day 10: Simplicity 5935 ca. 1980s "Prairie Dress". I keep forgetting to add the hook and bar it needs at the waistline.

Day 11: Went out to dinner. Thought I might wear my (still unblogged!) Colette Macaron, but it was too dressy and warm, so James wore his Negroni and I carried my leather purse. The nice thing was that when I put on the Macaron I actually really liked it. I did not feel so affectionate toward it when I first made it years ago.

Day 12: 1940s bicycling 0utfit from Simplicity 1554 and 4981, both 1940s patterns. Worn out cycling around the town.

Day 13: Flannel Peasant Shirt again.

Day 14 and 15 were unfortunately skipped, because all day was spent sanding down the floors at the new house in junk clothes.

Halfway Thoughts
I don't have a lot of layering, every day pieces. I tend to like making "statement pieces", especially in prints that I wouldn't normally find in RTW - I think it is okay to have a few of those pieces, but if I really want to wear more me-made I need to make more things that look more like my every day wardrobe. In fact, sometimes it is easier to buy funky pieces because my body is so hard to fit that I have no ides what a new silhouette or shape will look like on my body - and if I spend a bunch of time sewing it and don't like it, that's a bummer and a waste.

11 May 2016

MMMay 2016 Week 1

Not the best photos ever, but with the combination of rain and Ipad camera I can't have very high expectations. Days with no description are days when I just wore me-made underwear. James is doing his part and wearing his comox trunks regularly.

Day 1: Wrenna sweater from French Girl Knits, worn to the Farmer's Market.

Day 2: Simplicity 2415 (made in 2010!) An oldie but goodie.

Day 3: Victory Pattern's Lola worn hiking with the dog. This piece needs some tweaking in order to stay out of the donate pile - the armbands are too tight and the upper back is much too wide.

Day 4: I wore my lemon drop tunic as well as an apron made from a 1950s "cobbler apron" pattern.
Day 5: I repeated my outfit and wore my lemon drop tunic.

Day 6: Finally warm enough to wear my Madeline Bloomers, then I switched to a 1970s McCall's Marlo Thomas blouse. This is really too short (especially with my current weight - my pudge sticks out the bottom) and doesn't look good tucked in so I think it will be donated after this. I love the look of it - until I see it on me in the mirror! If I ever lose enough weight, it is a really easy shirt to re-make and I'd prefer it in a lighter weight fabric anyways.

Day 8: I got cursed with a nasty end of season cold so I spent the day in my wooly, me-made socks. I spent a lot of my sick time knitting on my hitch-hiker shawl. I'm on point 19 out of 42 but I think I'll run out of yarn before 42.

08 May 2016

Etsy Shop (Vintage Patterns) Moving Sale

Yes, we're moving AGAIN. I'm tired of lugging these patterns around, so you get 40% off your purchase with the coupon code MOVINGSALE
Link to my Etsy Store...and a few images to tempt you there!

28 April 2016

Me Made May is baaaaaack...and a Spring Sewing Update

Me Made May! One of my favorite regularly scheduled sewing/blogger activities. I did participate last year through Instagram but I bailed about halfway through if I remember correctly. Why I bailed, I don't remember. Last year I just got very burned out on blogging and sewing, with only 31 posts, less than half my normal number. Oh well, I will try again this year! The weather here is quite nice, so it should be pretty easy to stick to it.

I, Lisette of What Would Nancy Drew Wear? ( vintageorbust.blogspot.com ), sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '16. I endeavour to wear at least one me-made item each day for the duration of May 2016. I also pledge to sew at least two new garments during May.

As I get better at sewing, I find that mustering the energy and enthusiasm to start a project is a lot harder. I know that I will be spending a lot of hours on a muslin and tricky alterations and tracing because I am not one of those lucky ladies who fits in a pattern straight out of the package. And if I don't like the finished project even after all of that, it really drains your sewing mojo. Don't even get me started on weight gain - my biggest sewing mojo crusher of all and the reason I currently feel that sewing cute clothing is pointless.

I'm still not yet in a position to spend money freely on fabric (saving up for Rhinebeck this year) but now that it is spring I at least have plenty of seasonally appropriate stash from which to work.

I'd really like to try to sew two things in May from my original or vintage To-Sew list for this year - McCall's 6696 will be one of them because I have the muslin done. My other options are a 1940s pajama set, Simplicity 1613, finishing my red circle skirt or doing the 1950s bra top that could potentially go with the red circle skirt.

I do have fabric for the pajamas but I am betting I will need extra room in the bottoms. The knit top I don't have specific fabric for but it would be a good way to force me to use some from my stash. The circle skirt is a potential nightmare to alter, but if not I could theoretically have time to do the bra top (in the above polka dot fabric) to match too.

Will you be participating? How's your sewing mojo lately? Are you making anything this month?

24 April 2016

Completed: Grainline Portside Travel Set in Coral and Black

This post is long overdue. I agreed to make this set as a Christmas gift last year and finished it in January. I didn't get it to my sister until last week, when I was finally able to visit my family. I had completed the pouch at least by Christmas, but I can't seem to find a photo of it anywhere.

I will admit, I really struggled with this pattern, which confused me because no other bloggers wrote about having problems and I have experience making complex bags.

Pattern: Grainline Studio Patterns' Portside Travel Set
Size: N/A
Rating: 2/5 
Fabric, etc.: Both the coral and the black print were canvas from JoAnn fabrics. Most of the zippers came from there, except the custom ordered one (which I had to buy several of, they didn't sell singles) was from Etsy. The leather for the pull tabs was scrap. Clips aka snap bolts came from the hardware store while d-rings and webbing came from JoAnns.
Cost: Custom zippers $8.75, snap bolts $8.98, d-rings $1.25, webbing $9.19, fabric + topstitch thread + other zippers $36.29 = $64.46
Time: Two months
  • I used a lighter weight canvas so I definitely needed the interfacing. I think if I used a duck or what I would normally think of as canvas I wouldn't use it.
  • I was really annoyed that the fabric and notions list is not broken down according to which part of the set you are making. Therefore I had no idea which of the smaller zippers went to which bag, and it wasn't clarified in the instructions. If I wanted to make just the dopp kit, I would have really had a time of it.
  • The zippers used for this pattern aren't common lengths you can buy at the store. This meant I had to fudge it with both too-long and too-short zippers and for one even had to buy a custom zipper. The pattern does not specify what type of zipper (nylon, metal, heavy duty...) to use.
  • I used heavy duty zippers throughout, but next time I would only use it on the duffle bag because it was nice and sturdy. They were really bulky on the small bags and quite expensive.
  • The d-rings I used aren't as sturdy as I would have liked, there were better ones on Etsy but I couldn't afford them.
  • The instructions are vague and generally confusing. There is no use of piece numbers and sometimes what they call the piece is not what is labeled on the pattern piece (examples are step 25 and step 31).
  • The instructions don't tell you to what fabric/piece you should apply the interfacing. An informed seamstress would know not to interface the lining, but it would be better not to assume. Plus there are so many pieces that even I had to think about it for a few minutes to get my bearings.
  • At Step 31 the space between pieces 14 and 14 lining, is not 1/4” but 13/16” (so it is larger).
  • At Step 32 it isn’t clear that you are still working on the bag lining. Also the illustration is incorrect.
  • No step on attaching lower back to upper back.
  • Frequently pieces didn't line up when I went to sew them (i.e.  one piece was longer or shorter than the other). In the beginning I assumed I just didn't cut things quite perfectly, but some of the discrepancies were much too big for it to have been that.
  • I wish the pink band on the dopp kit lined up all the way around instead of being longer in the front. I also wish the pouch had been lined, which I will do next time, it just felt sloppy inside.
Despite the pattern's shortcomings, I ended up with a bag that my sister really loves and in all honesty I will probably make myself one because I do love the final product. I'm interested to see if it is easier the second time around or if things match up better.

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